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Originally Posted by Espada View Post
Thank you very much! I do have a question from your demonstration ride:
  • How is the low speed fueling. The low speed fueling on my 2010 Multistrada 1200S is kind of crap, so the idea of a smooth V-Twin down low would be very nice
  • Did you feel the weight of the exhaust can much on the right side? I plan on getting a Wings... but I'm still curious
  • I have read good things about the gearbox, but that was from journalists, and I am reticent to believe everything they write (due to not wanted to upset bike mfgrs.), how did banging through the gears feel to you? Was it smooth?
  • I want an R, but my brother wants a Standard, so I'll ask about the electronic suspension, did you play with the modes, and did you feel a difference? Electronic suspension adjustment is definitely one place where the Multi shines
  • Is it easy to wheelie (^_^)
  • Do you recall if the digital displays got washed out in the sunlight?
I also took an 1190 Standard for a demo spin at the Roseville event. My frame of reference for comparison is my 2012 990 Adventure. I also have Ducati, so I hear what you're saying about the low speed throttle issues.

While I did not really try riding the bike at very low rpms for much distance, I did not have any real issues with fueling. It pulled away cleanly from a standstill and took throttle from middling rpm's without bucking and complaining. I had no issues smoothly controlling the bike during low speed turns.

I do not like that the side-mount exhaust requires that the side case have a cut-out that removes a third of the capacity, but there is nothing handling wise that you notice from the exhaust.

Gearbox was smooth and I had no fumbling around or missed shifts, even considering that I was wearing fairly stiff brand new Sidi Adventure boots at the time.

The bike was set on 'sport' mode and I didn't fool with the settings. I thought the suspension felt fine for the street riding we were doing. I will say that the suspension felt more composed than my 990 Adventure under acceleration and braking, but that's obviously kind of apples-to-oranges as it is comparing 'sport' mode on the 1190 to the suspension on what is basically a giant dirt bike.

That 1190 motor is a beast and it is stoopid easy to do wheelies. I was rolling along in 3rd, rolled the throttle to the stop and within a couple seconds the front end was departing terra firma. This thing is seriously fast.

It was a bright sunny day and I didn't notice any issues with viewing the display. I did notice that the handle-bar buttons that control the display seemed to need a firm press to make them work consistently.

Other notes...

The bike does *feel* smaller than my 990 Adventure. I think that is mostly perception from the fact that there is not as much dash and what not in front of you. Handling was quite light and felt more like a bike with a 17" rather than the 19" front wheel. I also felt that the ergos were a little more street bike-ish with my hands a bit lower and forward than with my 990. Also, I felt a little more 'locked in' in the sitting position. I did ride it standing for a bit and it was comparable to my 990 Adventure, fairly comfortable for my 5'10" height. I obviously can't comment on its off-road aspects, but I will say that as compared to the 950/950 Adventure there seems to be more stuff exposed to a bashing during off-road activities and it doesn't have the same 'big dirt bike' feeling. From a fit-and-finish perspective the 1190 seems much more refined than my 990 Adventure.
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