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Originally Posted by Zuber View Post
What makes you think that? What about learning the other 5 or more sensor ranges and current altitude? I'll have to throw a BS on that statement.

REMEMBER, this 15 min idle only does something if you have just reset the ECU settings using the KTM special programming tool or TuneECU. When you remap the ECU is reset is done for you. Otherwise, you are just doing an extensive warm-up and wasting fuel.

Why do I even try to shovel sand against this internet sea of misinformation? Are you looking for some type of KTM Religious beliefs?
Religion is on the down swing you know.

Whahaha talk about misinformation.. yeah, what about the other sensors which are all static? No o2 is no feedback. No adjust table to be made, ever. Not after 15 minutes, not after 15 years.

If screaming bs, do it on a topic you actually know about.
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