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After about 5 miles of riding a gravel washboard it was time to stop for a geocache.


MTLee is getting good at this.


Back to its hiding place goes the geocache


After Rajneesh fled the United States Rajneeshpuram was sold and became Washington_Family_Ranch a Youth Life Camp. The cache is located at the border of the Ranch. I was surprised to find the road changed from gravel to pavement. It was old broken up pavement but I had no idea they had even paved the road in. I guess it was to pamper the Rolls-Royces.

The next 15 miles the scenery was rugged and beautiful in the way only the high desert can be.

The road was about to get steep going down and the dirt road off to the left is the truck route.


As we crested the hill the view was quite breath taking even though the pictures don't do it justice. I donít know what the buildings are.


Even up closer I couldnít figure out what the buildings were. They looked like long storage sheds, perhaps they are.


The ride down to the valley was fun and Rainbow007 got some shots as we rode.



They even have their own reservoir on the ranch.




Cool rock outcroppings on the hillside.



Entering the more populated part of the Ranch (Rajneeshpuram).


The buildings/hangers at Air Rajneesh Big Muddy Ranch Airport now.


There werenít any airplanes sitting around but the airstrip is certainly still there.
The black pavement is the road we were riding and on the right, the brown gray pavement, is the airstrip.


On the other side of the road there was this apartment type building. Perhaps where staff lives now.


What do we have over on the right?




Nice!!! A map to tells us where we are, whatís here and where we are going.


A closer look of the map. The black line is the county road and we had just come from where the arrow is pointed to wilderness.

There are a couple hotels showing on the map. I wonder if they are open to the public and if they are expensive? It could be fun to stay there for a weekend.

Water tower


These are listed on the map as cabins. Much different than the tent city from back in the 80s. Even though itís supposed to be a youth camp there wasnít a tent to be seen anywhere.


There was also a huge water park at the far end of the complex however I missed getting a shot of it. Itís a mighty luxurious camp. The road through the camp was paved and at the edge of the populated area the road turned to dirt.

Rainbow007 was able to get some shots as we rode a ways down the dirt. I was in the lead and MTLee was behind me.


Even though I knew the road wasnít taking us the way we wanted to go I continue on about 5 miles just to see where the road was going and besides it was a fun road to ride.


When we decided to turn around I had Rainbow007 take the lead so I could try and get some shots of the two of them riding.





It wasnít long until we were back on the pavement and it was easier for me to take pictures on the fly.




In some places there wasnít much pavement left.


The pavement got better and the view was even prettier.

Stopped to check out the emergency phone.




Didnít even think about it but I should have checked to see if there was cell reception out there anywhere. My guess there wasnít but it would have been fun to check.

Then we were back on the washboard gravel and on our way again . . . . .

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