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Ok, thank you. I just glued the magnet straight onto the hall effect sensor without much thought on placement.

I just found the below. The last bit sound like if you leave sidestand switch connected it's not disabled by the shorting of the clutch switch
Originally Posted by Sheep Shagger View Post
Trailside sidestand fix for the 990 is to short the clutch switch. With the clutch shorted, it never reads the sidestand switch, so you can just unplug it / do what ever you like.
You also don't need to carry any extra tools / wire / crap to short the clutch switch, just pullback the insulation the plug the two female connectors together.

Note, you have to actually unplug the sidestand switch for this to work, you can't leave it connected. No need to short any sidestand switch wires, just the clutch switch
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