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I've been lurking around here since I stumbled on a youtube series about a guy riding down to through central and south America. I've read several reports since then, to include bigalsmith's and another by some aussies, but the one that stuck with me was the guy that took a road king all the way down. I think he had two problems with the bike in 10,000ish miles of hard riding, and one of those was a loose battery connection. The other was fixed under warranty at a dealer. I'd ask that guy about HD reliability....
You joined to post that?

The report said BMW and HD had the lowest reliability and the highest owner satisfaction. Like Mini and Jeep owners, there is a larger emotional component to the purchase than with most buyers.

These are HUGE companies that got that way by spending a lot of money on branding: in other words, creating that emotional appeal.

So arguing with someone about that purchase as an economic decision makes about as much sense as arguing with a dog owner about whether they paid too much for their dog.
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