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I have the R and I would love to share a few thoughts with you on the bike. Long time lurker, sorry!

I still can't believe we have it before the yanks..... Sorry, couldn't resist, It will probably be the one and only time it happens! Good marketing tho, like blood in the water, sharks in every bloody thread!

I am not a brilliant rider, I consider myself consistent, I have binned it on track and learnt they DO make it look easy on TV . Have raced bikes for a few years and have been on and off road for around 20. I test rode both models as I was lucky enough to ride a colleagues R bike. I'm no pro so take what you want from this spiel!!!

The fuelling is really, really good. Low down fuelling in 1st gear for tracks or traffic has proven to be very pleasant. A very light throttle action may take some a little time to get used to but trail braking the front into corners and rolling on the throttle is seamless. Even when in a gear too low or high. I have the wings standard pipe and its bloody loud with the baffle out! Sounds awesome and is shit loads lighter then standard can.

The gearbox is also great. A little hesitant at very first but with a few good rides and higher rpm's, it is now smooth and light.

The electronic suspension on the standard is very good. A noticeable difference between settings and suits that bike and its intended purpose. I think KTM did the right thing making it "only" an option on the R. I have tinkered with my manual setup and it responds really well to fine adjustments, the reason why I think they have conventional suspension on the R. Plus they know we HAVE to have something to play with and blame for that front end loose.....

It's stupid easy to wheelie, even this ham fisted f@$k wit can get the front to climb. Clutch or power it up, just remember to turn off the MTC.

The dash has not given me any trouble here in sunny OZ, we have had no rain in Queensland for like a month, off topic sorry.

Both bikes are great rides in my opinion. I'm not an overly critical person though and was lucky to be in the position to choose one. I was surprised how good the 21" front of the R felt on fast Tarmac (never thought I would have 150hp + 21" front wheel!)

There have been problems. I found the heat on the standard bike a little more offensive, the air filter is a bit of a bummer, but not the end of the world, there will be a solution. KTM have been quite good about fixing the re-call's, some dealers need a swift kick up the arse in following up re-calls though. Not sure how 950 990 owners will take to the new model, will be interesting reading when you finally get the bike over there. Oh, some one needs to make a wheel set ASAP

Thanks for reading my dribble, hope it helps you out a little.
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