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The trip the didn't happen

Off To Bolok Port, Kupang again this morning, this time for a ferry to Alor Island. As usual a friendly local wanting to practise English stepped forward and helped me with the ticket purchase. I was nice and early so of course the ferry was delayed, I parked Postie Bike and joined the crush at the ticket office.
Bought a bag of oranges and prepared to wait it out while chatting with a couple who had helped me. It was steaming hot so I broke out the umbrella and we huddled under it.
Got on-board and took a seat on the seaward side of the ferry and then noticed the sky and recalled the conversation with my wife the previous night and talk off a typhoon in the area.
Just as the squall hit Bolok Port the captain decided to pull back the ferry from the loading dock and I thought that he would need to have his wits about him. It was blowing about 25kn and increasing.
 photo R_SQUALLHITS.jpg
He was doing fine until he turned beam on to the wind and from then on he had lost control. There were another three ships tied up alongside and we ended up resting alongside.
 photo R_COLLISION.jpg
We sat there for another hour or two while the squall blew itself out and then it was announced that the trip was cancelled and we would all be refunded our ticket prices. So back down to cattle class to fetch Postie Bike and to send a text to Lavalon to let them know I was on my way back.
 photo R_TIMETOLEAVE.jpg
Not sure what’s going to happen now but the ferry to Flores is on Thursday so the plan could be changing again.
I'm lost, I've gone to look for myself, if I should return before I get back, have me wait.
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