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Originally Posted by WhicheverAnyWayCan View Post
Cavebiker, that's really awesome! I am glad you found knobbies for it and enjoying your ride on the harley.

And thanks for posting your recently pic because that just reminded me when I saw your fuel tank.. how many gallons of fuel on it? 4? 5? And is the tank itself heavy or ? My sporty held 3.5 gallons of fuel and I could manage 150 miles out of it but the tank was so friggin heavy even if it is empty! Comparing it empty to KLR650's 5.9 gallon half full, it is about the same weight so it had to go! Also, when I rode KLR650 on Trans-America Trail last summer, I noticed that I was getting roughly 260-300 miles on the trail but a sad 240 miles highway so I realized that it would have not made any difference if I was riding a sportster or a KLR650.. the big difference will be riding it on the highway and not having to deal with overheating issues. I am stoked that I am just getting back to my sportster project now and expect to finish it by end of this year. I'll be in Colombia(SA) this November so that would explain why none of work will be done in Nov.

Are you and your other half planning a trip down in South America or ? It would be interested to know and I am planning Alaska-Argentina in 2015 with the possibility of doing TCAT (Trans-Canada Adv Trail) before Alaska. Maybe our path will cross one day?? Who know!? World is awful small place!
Hey WhicheverAnyWayCan,
The cavebike has a 4.3 gal tank and with the original engine I could get over 200 miles before reserve. the new motor gets 10% less millage so I'm now under 200. I got the tank off Ebay several years agi and it doesn't feel too heavy.

SA, Alaska, yes all planned someday so for sure hopefully we will meet up on the road.
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