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Originally Posted by garandman View Post
You joined to post that?

The report said BMW and HD had the lowest reliability and the highest owner satisfaction. Like Mini and Jeep owners, there is a larger emotional component to the purchase than with most buyers.

These are HUGE companies that got that way by spending a lot of money on branding: in other words, creating that emotional appeal.

So arguing with someone about that purchase as an economic decision makes about as much sense as arguing with a dog owner about whether they paid too much for their dog.
No... I joined because I've been lurking around here for a year now and figured it was about time to get in on the pissing contest, or whatever. I fail to see where I made an economic assessment of the situation. Of course a 5000 dollar KLR/DR/XR is cheaper than a new Road King. What I did say is that this one Road King made that trip with two stoppages. Maybe HD has never made another bike that can do anything more that ride down to the bar on saturday night, and these handful of examples are statistical outliers. Maybe all Harley sells is leather attire, self-image, and really, really shitty bikes. I seriously doubt it, but hey, I'm just a public school kid.
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