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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Don't worry fella's... he's with us here in spirit.

And guess work... whaddya mean guess work...?

Brodo's timekeeping practices were the closest thing to mathematical voodoo that you will ever come to...!?

He was the bloke responsible for ETA times at CP's that were before the field even started. The only guy who ever successfully proved that the sum total of consecutive stage times; 1 hour 43 minutes and 2 hours 57 minutes was 4 hours even! hence the term "Brodo-math".

But he was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and thoroughly entertaining friend. We are lucky to have had him as an f5 colleague that's for sure. Ride on Brodo... ride on.
Well said troy... I remember when I asked him about the voodoo math science and he looked at me with almost empty eyes and said: ''Well... I just have a feeling '' ...

Anybody know what on earth happened to that Honda?
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