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Originally Posted by cavebiker View Post
Hey WhicheverAnyWayCan,
The cavebike has a 4.3 gal tank and with the original engine I could get over 200 miles before reserve. the new motor gets 10% less millage so I'm now under 200. I got the tank off Ebay several years agi and it doesn't feel too heavy.

SA, Alaska, yes all planned someday so for sure hopefully we will meet up on the road.
Hmm interesting.. when I got my bike, it was already converted from 883 to 1200 with Buell racing Thunderstorm heads, high compression 10.5.1 pistons, and a performance cam of .536 lift. That would explain why it is a bit of gas guzzler. My engine converting project is to switch from Thunderstorm heads to 04-06 heads because of better air flowing and it has an unique chamber that can handle turbulence better than 07+ heads. I am going with forged aluminum pistons and H-D's 'W' cams (.504 lift I think??) to go with the set-up and that will allow the engine to handle as low as 82-84 octane fuel so if I wanted to use 87 instead of premium fuel, the engine will do just fine for me. What type of MPG will I get? I will find out soon enough! I'd probably stick to premium when it is really hot, though!

Wish you knew the history of your engine.. could be something simple such as cam switch that could make a difference in improved gas MPG. Nonetheless, it is still a fine machine and shouldn't give you any trouble!! And thank god we wouldn't have to do valve adjustment or anything like that beside oil/primary change and tightening bolts.
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