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KOTW is a myth!
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Originally Posted by WallyWhirled View Post
Don't shortchange yourself. For greater challenge, get a bigger bike, a really tall bike. 2 cylinder, 1200 cc minimum. Lots of stuff to piss you off on a big bike that you'd laugh at on a small bike. Ride street tires. Carry extra tires. Carry 2 months worth of gear, food and alcohol on a 2-day trip. At least 10 gallons of fuel. Do it 2-up. Sit backwards on the bike. I'm sure a creative guy like you can think of lots more ways to have fun and challenge yourself. Add tacos and beer and it's all good.
Wally, is that two-up idea an invite? It sounds like a Fabulous experience (said with a slight lisp and a flick of the wrist)!
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