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So my boy is riding his little PW50, around my place, while his sisters are playing with the little neighbor girls. As he's riding past them, he glances over to see if the girls are "checking him out". Naturally, he drifts(left) and runs right up under our trampoline. The chin-bar on his helmet catches the trampoline bar and he's drug off his motorcycle, while the PW50 continues rolling for a few more yards.

I watched it unfold but couldn't stop it. Best lesson he's ever learned, while riding. Almost as good as when he rode his XR70 into the pond. When he stood up and water came pouring out of his helmet.

As for me, my first ride was a moped(with pedals) that had a sticky throttle, that worked like a cruise control. I was taking a short cut down a gravel sidestreet, when a lady backed out in front of me. I grabbed a handful of front brakes and went right over the top of that moped. I wasn't laughing that day.

Same moped, my brother was riding it in a grassy field and lows-sided. He was wearing shorts and by the time I got the moped off of him, he had a 2nd degree burn. I've never heard a person scream in such agony.

Took my boy moto camping, 2-up, just after he turned 5. The little varmint got sleepy about 60 miles from home and it took us about 3 hours to get home, for all the starting and stopping. Took a couple trips before I realized I needed a camping van and trailer. Now he can sleep all he wants and ride his own ride, when we get to where we're going.

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