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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
During my MSF BRC on the test day...
The procedure when you are off the bike is to close the fuel petcock, and of course, the procedure when getting on is to turn it back on, but I forgot that part.
While we talk about the fuel valve, we never make students fiddle with the silly thing- we turn it on in the morning and tell them not to worry about it. One day I went to ride a demo and was *almost* back to starting point when bike died. Smug student: "Did you turn the gas on?"

My KLR, for all it's cheapness, has a petcock that is both vacuum operated AND has an 'off'. I never turned it off because, hey- vacuum operated. Let roomie borrow it. He turned it off. I got two blocks... downhill... when it died. pushed it back home, changed bikes. Later that night- "Duh, you forgot to turn the gas on!"

Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Riding a recent trade in home for lunch. A 1971 Triumph TR6C. (right handed shift) Go for the rear brake and shift down a gear then proceed to lift on the actual rear brake peddle and wonder why the hell it wont shift to the next gear.
You're not complaining, you're bragging about getting to ride the Triumph.

Many years ago, I made a plan to go riding with buddies on Sunday; then went out and got shit-faced falling-down drunk Saturday. Not far into the ride, I was forced to make a decision- whether to try to puke over, or under, the chinbar of my new $600 helmet. (BLARF- direct hit!) I will never, ever, ride hung over again.
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