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1. "WTF were you thinking?"

I was 48 years old and at the remembrance party for a friend that got killed in a paragliding contest and thought - You only live once then you are dead forever.
Told my wife I was going to learn to ride and took the MSF class 2 weeks later on Labor Day week.
My parents hated motorcycles and forbid me or my brother to ever ride one as kids. Parents still have no idea me or my wife ride.

2. What was your first bike?
Bought a 2005 Honda Shadow 750 with red flames and Cobra pipes off craigslist, learned basic maintence and rode it ~ 2000 miles. Learned to really hate loud pipes and the cruiser riding position in general.

3. How do you feel about starting so late?

I'd probably have had a blast riding when I was young but it's still awesome being outside, feeling the wind, the speed and the danger of freedom.

Wanted to ride more and take overnight trips so I bought my wife the MSF class, all the gear and a Suzuki GZ250 from an inmate for Christmas last year.
My wife was a bad ass Adventure Racer, is a huge cyclist and generally a risk taker herself.

4. What bikes have you progressed to / thru?

Sold the Shadow and her GZ250 is going to another friend as his first bike next week.

Wife and I both have Wee Stroms now and just got back from a trip to Knoxville and back through the North Georgia Mountains last weekend.
We intentionally skipped the Tail of the Dragon as it was a gorgeous Sunday and likely to be a Zoo and I was worried she wasn't ready.

After watching her sail down 68 and 60 from Tellico Plains to Dahlonega I know she's got it, really smooth with almost no brakes and nice control just like on her mountain bike.

We both want to learn to ride off road now.

I'm glad to find motorcycling as it's something I can do for many many years to come now that some of the more strenuous activities like Ultimate Frisbee, Trail Ultra Marathons, Adventure Racing and other such stuff is kinda fading away as once you can't perform at the level you used to it becomes less fun.

And like our smart aleck 14 year old daughter told me "At least you won't die young. "
Live your own life, for you will die your own death.

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