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Originally Posted by Motor7 View Post
Bought a disc lock w/alarm before a major trip to the Smokies. 3rd day in, parked at the motel, checked in locked it up and took a shower. Wandered down to the office later with fellow riders to inquire about a restaurant. It was not in walking distance so we all jumped back on the bikes...yep...forgot the damn disc lock. Wheel was already cocked the way we were going...a nice 90 degree pullout, bang on the parking lot...then the alarm went off which was the icing on my embarrassment cake.

After that trip my buddy bought me one of these as a joke(the yellow one):

I actually used the thing for 3 more years...worked perfect
Man, I need one of those.

I was in a hurry during lunch, and had to make a quick stop at one the shops in busy downtown. Installed the disc lock on the front wheel, and carried my gear into the store. On my way back out, I was already putting my gear on to save time. Got the bike started just as an opening in traffic appeared. Leaned over, and hard on the throttle, I didn't even make it out of the parallel parking spot (luckily) before the bike threw itself onto the pavement. I picked it up, and acted all non-nonchalant until the cars that witnessed my get-off had made it down the street before I removed the lock.

My saddlebags and tank panniers saved the bike from damage, but it was still the single most embarrassing motorcycling moment I've had.

The worst part was that I had left the house that morning thinking about how stupid my wife's bike looked with that fluorescent cable running from the disc lock to the handlebars.
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