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Sooo... dirt bike version. I used to race motocross (quitebadly, but I had a lot of fun) and I got an invitation from a friend to go desert riding. Now this friend not only owns a local dealership, but he and his friends are all also expert level desert racers, so I am nervous as heck. The day before I went over my CR with a fine tooth comb, new plug checked the jetting, rode around till i thought it was perfect and then, OH NO, the shiney gold chain is dirty, I'd better soak that in degreaser!
Next day I unload my perfectly prepared CR from the truck, ready for action, fired on the first kick, even idled smartly. As I was putting on the last bit of my gear, my buddy comes over and says, "pretty bike, but you aren't gonna get far without a chain" . I never got invited again.
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