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Meanwhile - down at the bottom end of the market, anyone remember these? A 76 Suzuki B120 on a 2000 mile trip from the UK through Germany back in February this year.

My in-laws next door neighbour offered it to me for free before they took it to the dump after it had been in their garage for 25yrs. I put in a new battery, test rode it a few miles and set off. Still got the original tyres (and probably the original air ) It survived a week flat out on the autobahn (= 50mph ) with one blown light bulb as the only problem. It's still running and I'm off to France on it next month.

As teenagers, a mate of mine and myself found a B120 dumped in a ditch. The bike was missing the gear lever and the teeth of the gear shaft were worn smooth. We filed the gear shaft square and clamped a pair of mole grips onto the shaft to act as a gear lever! If I remember, the gears are all down. Is that correct?
We rode the bike around while drunk on cider for a couple of days dodging the cozzers! God, your picture brought back some memories!
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