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I've done most of the 10 in the article.

First day of riding on my brand spanking new Yamaha FJ600 that I had just bought. It rained on the way home so I was soaked because I didn't have rain gear. Honked the horn as I pulled up the drive to get everyone to come see my nifty new motorbike. As the family all piles out the back door I pull into the garage and put my foot down. My WET foot. On the slick-as-ice concrete floor. The brand new bike and I hit the deck in a flailing mess. Dented the tank on my brand new bike.

Ledaing a group of n00bs on their first dirt ride. Got to a view point and I had them all hold up while I rode a bit up the hill to get a group picture. Where I proceeded to dump the bike trying to turn around. Of course they got pictures of me . . .

Riding through Oregon, stopped to take a picture of my bike in front of a dilapidated barn. Failed to judge how step the side slope was. I could "just" keep the bike upright with my tippy toe, but could not otherwise move. I couldn't push it back to the left. I couldn't get enough purchase to keep the bike upright if I leaned to the right. Sat there for about 5 minutes, straining to keep the bike upright and trying to figure out how to get out of the jam. Right as a Harley rider passes by, my leg finally gives out . . .

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