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Originally Posted by Earth Rider View Post
Other things should scare you more. I dunno what else to tell you. Motorcycles are pretty dangerous, particularly for young people.
There's always the question of "what if something goes wrong" when I take my daughter out for a ride on the motorcycle, but I combat that with how much fun she's having, the time that she's spending with me, and wearing good gear. I'm careful while I ride, talk about why we wear helmets, and while driving in the cage we talk about safe driving. She's 6. I work at educating her and hope that she doesn't become a statistic. Even though it would come close to destroying me if anything were to happen to her I refuse to have her live in a bubble.

My mother refused to let me have a motorcycle as a teenager but I was rappelling, going down zip lines, shooting guns, and doing other dangerous stuff. My father would take the time to educate us and teach us properly before we did that stuff.
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