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Originally Posted by Harry1976 View Post
Thats a BS statement, I guess its how you raise and teach them, perhaps yours can't drive or ride but mine ride better than many who have been riding for years.
Teach them young and teach them well.

Originally Posted by Earth Rider View Post
So we're excluding all young adults. I mean, there have been studies on this stuff. Young adults have less than half a brain that is all ego, and extremely stupid decision making skills.
Not all, I think classifying all young adults as stupid is, well...stupid don't you think? My friend crashed 3 cars by the time he was 20, I haven't been in one accident and driving since 16...(knock on wood)

To the OP's question, are there concerns? Of course there are, I think your question should be do you point them in that direction or not. The answer to that is no, you shouldn't point anyone towards motorcycling street in my opinion. If they want to then they are going to and you should assist to make them the best rider possible, but nothing would feel worse then pointing someone towards riding just to have them crash.
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