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Originally Posted by Earth Rider View Post
not stupid, just not capable of making adult decisions. do some research on brain development.
Show me multiple studies that portrays all teenagers as incapable of making adult decisions and I'll buy your argument. I don't need to do any research, my GF has her PHD in neurobiology and doesn't agree with you. Most...yes.

People of nearly all ages are able to play out scenarios in their head of what might happen in a given situation, not all teenagers need to touch the flame to realize it will burn them. I thought I was quite mature for my age and understood consequences pretty well, it did good to keep me out of trouble on the road and other situations. I attribute it to my upbringing. It doesn't take much reflecting on one's youth to remember your classmates ranging from idiots to savants.

Again, I was in zero accidents in 15 years and know plenty of friends that totalled numerous cars. Is it possibly all chance? I doubt it, I've been in the car with them, they still drive like they are 18 and I remember never being like that. I never drove drunk in high schol but had a few kids die in my school from doing so. Are you lumping me in with them? Seriously?
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