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This is great news Chris!!! I have been watching this thread waiting for the day to be able to get the FCR’S with your stacks on my SM. I just happened to read over most of this thread tonight and then saw your post, great timing ;)

Not to be greedy, but will a choke solution be ready as well?


Originally Posted by CosentinoEngineering View Post
It seems like a lot of 950SM guys are interested in the kits! It figures that the version of the bike that the kit does not fit well may be the most popular one.

Even though K&N has nothing stock that is suitable and the custom filter program is pricey I continued to look for ways to fill that space in the market. At the instigation of a list member who purchased the Full Monty system yet wanted to find a way to keep his Rottweiler air filter system I started digging again.

Initially I though I'd have to bite the bullet and fork over the NRE charges needed to develop a custom filter shape for this application. I found a couple of companies that do this and emailed inquiries. At the same time the customer had asked CPR if it was possible to adapt their system for the FCRs. A few emails later we realized two nicely dovetailing facts:

1. I did not want to invest in a foam filter design that may not be a good seller.

2. CPR Fabrications was focused on the FI market and didn't have much interest in doing a kit for FCR carbs.

After a bit of discussions with Chris Parker at CPR we came to the conclusion that a CPR filter on a set of Cosentino Engineering velocity stacks would be a great product for the FCR carbs. Since CPR was not really interested in the FCR market they agreed to sell me filter elements and cages that I would design FCR bellmouths and a lower filter mount around.

CPR would benefit by selling more filters and I'd benefit by not having to do the R&D needed to get an optimized filter. By partnering with CPR I also get the benefit of having KTM Orange parts instead of whatever the OEM produces! The Rottweiler filter element is not an off-the-shelf part, they worked with the manufacturer to tweak the foam's properties for this specific application. Its one of those rare situations where instead of two companies trying to undercut each other we decided instead to work together. CPR did a lot of R&D on their setup and were the first on the scene with this type of filter system. Copying their design would not be something that's cool to do. I've done a bunch of R&D on the FCR setup and seem to be the only alternative to the non-optimized Sudco parts. Them glomming my efforts would have left a bad taste in my mouth. So instead of 2 companies fighting over a niche market we'll collaborate instead.

The end result is that I am working on a revised FCR kit that will utilize the Rottweiler optimized filter system and revised versions of my velocity stacks that will fit on ALL the 950 models. As of now pricing is uncertain but it should not be more than the K&N kit, which will still be available. Performance gains for both kits should be similar so it will come down to filter preference, or if you have a SM, its the foam version.

I hope to have a kit ready before spring and although having another project on my plate sort of sucks, if all the interest that has been shown comes through it will be worth it.

I'll keep posting updates to this list (and likely on Gregor's 950 refresh thread too) so keep posted for updates.
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