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Day 3

I head back north in Black Canyon...

and have to cross all of those washes again. I find them easier the second time around and ended up making good time.
I also don't have to stop as much for photos since I just came through here.

I turn east on Mud Mountain RD and am happy to see the sandy sections have ended.
I find this idle machine that has a lot of work now due to the big storm.

The ride through Road Canyon was easy and recently graded.

Somewhere around the summit the road passes through a forest of stark trees from a past fire I presume.

I reach the CR-5/Mt Trumbull Loop RD. I check the maps and the GPS to determine if I can reach a point tonight.
I intended to get to Kelly Point, but the distances are just to far for my remaining fuel. I decide to try reaching Twin Point for the night.

I snacked on canned meat for a quick lunch.

I head south on Mt Dellenbaugh RD...

...and meet this group of friendly KLR riders. They are the first people I've seen since the other side of Lime Kiln Pass yesterday.
They had spent the night at Bar-10 Ranch and were on the way to their truck and trailer parked in Las Vegas.
They were looking for the turnoff to Hidden Canyon. Hmmm... I start explaining the fun I've been having all day with the washes.
The leaders eyes got real big and he says, "Sand?" He looks around at his buddies and declares the KLRs are no good in sand.
I have no idea if they changed their route or not. Only one of them admitted to ever visiting advrider.

The sign to Twin Point was propped up against a tree.

For awhile I get to ride in a nice forest of Pines and Oaks.

I even found a few mud puddles.

You probably wouldn't want to ride this road after a good rain, but these puddles were no problem.

Not many visitors sign in here. That's almost a full year.

Trail Texture

I had calculated when I absolutely HAD to turn around to make it back to town for fuel.
When the trip meter told me I had to reverse direction I was nowhere near the end of the point.
I rode another 3.4 miles...

...before finding a nice camping spot at the edge. I was still short of the end of the point by about 4 miles.

I set up camp and eat dinner.

I'm sure the view would be better if I had enough gas to make it to the end of the point...

...but I'll settle for this view.

The colors were still nice as I crawled into the tent to enjoy my book and solitude.

The stars really came out tonight. The lights across the canyon are from the Grand Canyon West area of the
Hualapai Indian Reservation, which includes an airport and the Skywalk tourist trap.
The bright glow to the right is probably the lights of Las Vegas about 85 miles away.

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