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Originally Posted by StevenD View Post

Whahaha talk about misinformation.. yeah, what about the other sensors which are all static? No o2 is no feedback. No adjust table to be made, ever. Not after 15 minutes, not after 15 years.

If screaming bs, do it on a topic you actually know about.
Yeaahhh, looks like you are confusing 'O2 Feedback' that happens when ever the engine is running (O2 on) with 'Adaptive Learning' that is done primarily during the initial 15 min after a reset. This thread is about the 15 min idle question, which is a discussion on the Adaptive learning.

The ECU on the 07-08's updates the tables about every 15 min during running, the 09-up update every 9 min. The 15 min idle speeds this up a little, so the bike runs better when it is ridden after tuning changes.

I did use an upper case BS, but it was more of a moan, not a scream.
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