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About a year ago, there was a bit of a similar case in my country. 2-3 idiots had taped their idiotic riding on the roads, and planned to make a DVD for sale. Then they gave a hint of this to some journalist, as they thought it would be a cool way to get some free advertisement for their project. Instead they got the police visit their homes, and their bikes, cameras, computers impounded, their assets freezed, and they were prosecuted.

Put simply: If you go on public roads, and you do illegal stuff there, and you videotape it all AND make it public, and even plan to make money by selling a product containing this illegal stuff, WHAT do you expect will happen next?

Itīs as if these asshats have not yet realized, that they are now over 18 years of age, and momma and papa will no longer be responsible for their stupidity, instead they are now themselves responsible.
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