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CNN - Caught at 100 mph -- now what?

From the CNN Article:

"Varying ticket penalties

Penalties vary across states and jurisdictions. In California, for example, a first offender likely will face a fine not exceeding $500, two points on a license and possible jail time. The infraction becomes a misdemeanor if the police can prove a driver was reckless. In Virginia it's a fine of up to $2,500 and mandatory jail time.

Some states like Florida and New York use a sliding scale for speeds up to 50 mph over the limit."

*** Note *** "Many including Oregon enforce mandatory license suspensions.

Reckless driving?

Whether an infraction becomes a reckless driving offense depends on road conditions, how you were driving, the officer serving your ticket and the state in which you received it. Factors include if you were seen making unsafe lane changes or had a passenger in your car (even more so if it's a child). Reckless driving is usually a misdemeanor criminal offense. In Florida, a third offense for driving 50 mph over the limit is a felony. In Virginia, driving above 85 mph is considered reckless.

The numbers

100 mph citations, case study: Oregon, 2006-2007. Source:

• 79% of the cited drivers were male.

• 81% of the citations were issued to drivers on freeways, and 19% were issued on secondary state highways.

• The highest percentage age group for male drivers was 20-24 (34%) followed by age group 15-19 (21%).

• For all violators cited, 51% involved drivers ages 15-24.

• In 2005, troopers cited 464 people for driving 100 mph or faster Between 2000 and 2004, troopers cited more the 2,600 drivers."
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