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Originally Posted by shakeybone View Post
I worry about my daughter (just turned 15) when she rides her ATV with me, rides on the back of my bike, water skis, plays soccer, goes out for a jog, goes kayaking, or goes on a date.
She is already talking about her first street bike and when that day comes I will worry about that too. But on the other hand I am passing on my passions. That did not happen with her older sister (27) or her brother (29).
My parents didn't want me to ride on the street, but didn't try to stop me, even after my crash in 1983 that left me unconscious for 13 hours.
As a parent I will always worry about my kids, and pray for them, but when I look at the enjoyment motorcycling has brought me, the people I have met, the experience's I have had, how can I try to deny her that.
Aye, I've done all the same stuff with my daughter and have come to the same conclusion shakybone, you can't wrap them in cotton wool, they have to be allowed to grow on there own...its all part of growing up for them and growing old for us, its a shite deal for every parent but it also lets us know how our parents felt when we where tear arseing about. Strangely enough shakybones my daughter had her 1st date last night, I sat in the house with my dinner on my lap with one half of me feeling sorry for myself and the other feeling pretty good that's she's growing up normally.
P.S. I did have my bike gear on though and the bike parked right outside the house...just in case.
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