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Passed Out In CO & Washed Up In UT! Big Bikes Conquer The Elements Of The West!

DAY 7: Gypsum to Steamboat Springs (COBDR)

"Do bikes float or glide?" Day

Thank you Backcountry Discovery Routes for your awesome services!
Thank you Butler Maps for your awesome maps!

We woke up to another fine morning of overcast weather.
We couldn't complain though as it could have been much much worse with all the flooding that was happening throughout the state.
We were all very thankful for our weather fortunes during our trip.

Comfort Inn dishes out a pretty good breakfast spread. Very organized too!

Chris and Kelly were headed out just ahead of us and we wished them well and we'd be looking out for their tracks.
We'd catch up with them later on in Steamboat during the Rally.

We fueled up and headed out, mindful of the fact that this was a bittersweet day knowing this was our last segment on the COBDR.

What is it with men and the Kum & Go gas stations?
Russ was so fascinated by the name, and would say "only in America" as he chuckled. This pic is for you, Russ!

The day started out with us missing the turn by a smidgen again.

First section of the day was a mine tour over muddy wet terrain.
And we see Chris & Kelly's tracks.

For the next section, we joined up and began riding along the Colorado River.

Today was turning out to be a nice and relaxing scenic ride.

So relaxing that we were able to take the customary "in action" shots of each other.

I asked Jeremy if I should stand up too.

He said, "No, just stay seated."

So, I stood up too.
If you're laughing, then you get it.
If not, then revisit posts since Day 2.

We passed through a small town near the Yampa River. I can't remember the name though.
There was this phone booth just right off the side of the road and it had a beige phone inside, kinda like what you'd find on a hospital wall.
I wonder if it works?

We were making good progress today and at this pace, we would get to Steamboat very early in the afternoon.

Somebody's lovely ranch. You just gotta smile and say, "Must be nice. Ahhh, someday..."

We were riding along, pretty chill, thinking to ourselves, what a lovely day this is turning out to be!

And then we were "awakened"... a little muddy section... small but slick...

First up, test subjects = Jeremy & me

Next = Mike then Russ

And then we were reminded cows can be scary and not to be messed with!

So what do you get when you ride up in front of a cow and rev your engine?

You get the second cow behind it pissed off and charging you!
I am now afraid and highly respectful of cows!

And then we arrived at Beaver Pond... where this was waiting for us.
Jeremy and I had strategized that if anything ever happened on these water crossings, first order of business, find me and stand me up quickly and get me above water.
And that's as far as we got with that conversation...

I saw Chris & Kelly's tracks entering the left side. We all got off and surveyed the "pond". After 10 minutes, Jeremy was done thinking and we were going across.
We'd take the left side line as well all the way through and hope the section we couldn't see from the middle and closer to the other end would be the right line on the left as well.

First up, test subjects, again = Jeremy & me
You can hear Russ towards the end reacting to a dip just past the middle...

After another 10 minutes of deliberation = Mike

And after another 10 minutes of deliberation = Russ

Mike took the best line out of all of us staying left the whole way.
I was so worried about Russ. You wanted to avoid the middle and he went there! Luckily, he made it out ok.

Here's the side view of Russ' close call...

Answer to the earlier question: Bikes glide! Not just glide, but power glide through water crossings!
Yet another "who knew we'd be doing this today?!" moment accomplished! So proud!

And I know the bikes were celebrating as well!

From there we made our way to Steamboat!

Don't mess with the cows! Respect them!

Lake Catamount. Just beautiful!

We made it! We checked in to our home for the Rally Weekend eagerly looking forward to a wonderful time in Steamboat!

Most comfortable bed thus far!

And then we indulged!
The best Mexican food I've had in Colorado!

As we fully satiated ourselves, we reminisced about our day and week:
-First near crash back in the beginning on Day 3
-Black Bear Pass in the dark, fog and rain on Day 3
-The Badger! on Day 4
-Back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back Passes on Day 4
-The unexpected challenging detour with Jason and crew on Day 5
-Tin Cup Pass on Day 5
-Jeremy and me sticking it out on Day 6 and finishing that day's COBDR segment that started out rainy and muddy and ended sunny and dry
-Day 7, today's long and deep water crossing of Beaver Pond
-Beautiful scenery
-Awesome and friendly people
-Good food along the way

We delighted in what has been quite a ride!
I am still taking it all in and I am still amazed at what was done thus far!

We were going to fully enjoy this Rally Weekend and everything that Steamboat had to offer, as Riders and Tourists!
"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." ~ Mother Teresa
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First ADV Ride Ever, 08/31: Weekend in Mendocino, CA
First Long ADV Ride, 09/07: Passed Out In CO & Washed Up In UT (COBDR & UTBDR)

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