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Originally Posted by YetiGS View Post
I've done most of the 10 in the article.

First day of riding on my brand spanking new Yamaha FJ600 that I had just bought. It rained on the way home so I was soaked because I didn't have rain gear. Honked the horn as I pulled up the drive to get everyone to come see my nifty new motorbike. As the family all piles out the back door I pull into the garage and put my foot down. My WET foot. On the slick-as-ice concrete floor. The brand new bike and I hit the deck in a flailing mess. Dented the tank on my brand new bike.

Ledaing a group of n00bs on their first dirt ride. Got to a view point and I had them all hold up while I rode a bit up the hill to get a group picture. Where I proceeded to dump the bike trying to turn around. Of course they got pictures of me . . .

Riding through Oregon, stopped to take a picture of my bike in front of a dilapidated barn. Failed to judge how step the side slope was. I could "just" keep the bike upright with my tippy toe, but could not otherwise move. I couldn't push it back to the left. I couldn't get enough purchase to keep the bike upright if I leaned to the right. Sat there for about 5 minutes, straining to keep the bike upright and trying to figure out how to get out of the jam. Right as a Harley rider passes by, my leg finally gives out . . .

During the 80,000 miles and 9 years I owned my 1150GS I dropped it more times, mostly in funny ways than I can remember.

1st drop was the 2nd day of ownership taking it off the center stand after filling up with gas. Fell into the gas pumps in a way it was impossible for me to right by myself. Had to ask a couple of construction guys getting their morning donuts and coffee to help right her. Of course I was BMW geeked out in full Savana suit and flip up Schuberth helmet.

Then there was the time at the Georgia Mountain Rally, after packing up in a fierce downpour. I am soaking wet, and just want to get on the road, again I attempt to take the pig off the centerstand where it plops down, I loose my balance and down she goes into a big puddle.

Probably the best though was on the way down to BYOB in KY a few years ago. We got a late start and were tired and hungry when we pulled into a Motel in Ashland Ky. Went to register, got our keys and then jumped back on the bike to pull in front of our room. I pulled into the same space as my buddy Chip so as to not take more parking spaces than needed. I go to put the Big Pig up on the centerstand like I have done a thousand times before, but this time I am tired and didn't give a big enough heave ho and just as I let go of the bike, I realized the stand did not lock into place, the bikes drops back down onto its suspension, gives a bounce as I frantically try to hold her up but she starts to fall away from me, towards Chips TDM850. Anyone who has had one of these pigs, know that as soon as she starts to fall away from you, you are done. She is going down! Anyway Chip was already in the room and did not hear my scream for help as she slowly falls into his bike. I hope beyond hope that his side stand would hold it for a couple of seconds so I could run around to the other side to push my bike off, but as soon as I let go of my bike, his bike then does the slow fall right into a brand new Chevy truck in the next space, his bar end right into the fender leaving a nice big dent! Fortunately his bike did not have any real damagae other than a scratch in his rattle can paint job but that dent in the truck cost me 1000 BUCKS!! Most expensive BYOB trip to date.

All the drops was one of the reason I finally sold that Pig earlier this year. But I sure do miss her.

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