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Originally Posted by JayBo1 View Post
... and my foot and hand hit 11.1g and broke. You might have to find a different test dummy for more of those crash tests mate!

EDIT: Just watching that torture test again Dimitri, and I can't get over how there is no vibration and movement on the paper when riding and reading over rough terrain. It was one of the comments I made of an unexpected benefit that the paper stays so still and becomes so much easier to read than the MD unit. Yet it is obviously capable of so much movement. Be interesting to have a high speed camera video the Mark1 scroll during riding rough terrain and comparing it with an MD. Maybe an impossible test to conduct.
I think this is a great piont Jaybo, the vibration factor is a pain when trying to read the map, i would love to have a better system here. it will make speed and safety.
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