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Both our adult children ride street bikes.

Our 23y.o. son rides occasionally, mostly all secondary roads in our very rural area. He is on the very cautious end of the spectrum.

I worry more about our 26y.o. daughter. She lives on the opposite coast with her fiance. They both ride 600cc sport bikes. ATGATT REALLY ALL THE TIME
I have talked to her several times about the danger of riding on the street.

She is realistic about this and has experienced two wheeled danger- since the age of 14 she has raced road bicycles. She has been in cycling races where the group will hit a 50+mph downhill, wearing only a helmet, jersey and shorts......
She has gone down several times and has looked like a partial bandage mummy as a result.

Jen loves riding her ZX6R, has done track days and we have had some really great day trips and a couple longer ones.

None of this changes my concern- I'll always worry- but we all understand the dangers involved.

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