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Originally Posted by nwpa View Post
My point is that it's extremely hypocrytical to engage in a behavior you apparently enjoy while looking to deny that same pleasure from your child. I'm not implying you won't worry about your child, but worry is what you sign up for as a parent. If you are serious here, sell the bike and retire the gear, but don't ride while trying to tell your kids it's too dangerous for them.
I've already posted this, but will reiterate - that is why I posted this topic. I'm in the middle of a decision. I'll decide either to keep the street bike and fully embrace the street side with them, or sell the thing to make a statement. Haven't decided yet. I bring it up here on Advrider because this is kind of like sitting around a fire having a discussion with a bunch of other enthusiasts - good place to put stuff out there for discussion.
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