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Regarding safety decisions and not trying to over protect kids. I totally get that. We engage in all kinds of potentially dangerous activities as a family and they are given a good bit of freedom. It's really a question of where we draw those lines and I was wondering if others here have dealt with the same issues.

I used to be in a business where we had to use some of these facts. Here is a close estimate of the facts from memory:

Car crashes are the number 1 cause of fatalities among teens to early 20's. If I recall correctly - More than all the other causes combined. In the first year of driving a car, a driver has a 50% probability of being in a crash of some sort. (Yes, 50%!) During the teen years, there is a 3X greater chance of being in a crash or fatality vs. all other years of drivers combined.

While driving a motorcycle, statistically speaking, you are 16 - 36 times more likely to die in a crash vs. driving a car, depending on the data you are looking at. So, if you put those two groups of statistics together, the risk rates are very high. Not trying to be an alarmist, but these are the facts.

I fully realize that we can't insulate them, and they will eventually make their own decisions. But, in many cases, we can influence them. Right now, I'm 50/50 on which direction to take with the issue.

Thoughts on the subject appreciated.
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