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I read a few responses, skimmed a few responses.

My question to OP is:
If you're concerned about them riding on the street, why would you try to influence them to ride on the street? Did you just choose the wrong wording or am I misinterpreting what you're saying?

My personal opinion:
Each and every child is different. I have 2 boys: 21 and 16. They couldn't be anymore different from each other in personalities. There's no way in the world I'd trust the 21 y/o on a motorcycle on the street without any kind of training at all whatsoever. Even if he had training, I'd still want lots and lots of mentoring with him.

Donovan is the 16 y/o. Some of you probably know of him. He started riding when he was 4. Started racing hare scrambles when he was 7 (did 2 years of GNCC in addition to our local VA series). Got into supermoto when he was 9ish. He's probably got more seat time than a lot of people on this forum. He started riding with us on the street around age 6 as a passenger. He has natural talent. Heck, how many people would let an 11 y/o kid hop on their DRZ440SM at the sumo track for a few laps? Or how about a KTM 525? There was no way we were going to be hypocrites and tell him he could not ride on the street. As a matter of fact, just the opposite. Hubby is looking forward to a cross country trip with his son.

He just became legally licensed in Sept. And yes, he did take the BRC even though we knew he knew how to ride (insurance discount). When he was on a learner's for the street (both bike and car), yes, he made a couple of minor judgement mistakes (no accidents). But he learned from them. He knows the importance of gear... of GOOD gear. This is an image that I will never forget for the rest of my life... Donovan at 12, gear cut off and strapped to a backboard after a wreck where he lost feeling in his lower body.

The story:

I just ask that he keep me informed of his whereabouts when out on his V-Strom 650 (which, btw, is the 2nd street bike he's purchased because he's been employed since he was 14 and has worked hard to buy a bike).

TLDR: I will not give up riding and I will not be a hypocrite. He wants to ride. I trust him to be a good rider. Yes, I will worry. I will always worry. The only thing I ask is that when he's on the bike and I or his dad are not with him, that he texts me when he gets where he's going and when he leaves where he's at.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.

PS, he took my CBR1000RR this morning to run an errand for me, that's how trustworthy he is. Progressive allowed us to say he's got 12 years of experience. I am truly truly shocked... our total insurance (full coverage) for a CBR1kRR, V-Strom 650 and BMW R12RT with a 16 y/o boy on the policy comes to a whopping $1006 a year.
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