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risky business...

Raising childrens these days is risky business. I'm 52 and have three children. They sure have grown up faster than me n my friends, or so it seems.
Neither of my girls have shown any interest in motorcycles. My oldest (17) wont even get on the back of the buell with me. Middle daughter (15) will ride with me. If either wanted too ride I would provide them with a small displacment bike and take them riding every chance i could. MSF would be mandatory. "I" would rather help them learn, then "learn" on their own with some person who might be ignorant of motorcycling.

My son (11) wants to race. He has participated in a couple of races for the past couple of seasons racing his XR50 with TMGP here in D/FW Houston Texas area. I feel like it is a great way to learn to ride motorcycles, although i am nervous when he is out there... Cant raise the boy in a bubble. And this way I know that he is learning to ride in a safe environment. Plus he is learning the limits of tires, brakes, and most important, his own limits.

BTW, both my daughters have ridden horses english style in competition. Middle daughter fell and was knocked out. While wearing the correct equipment. Oldest daughter fell off monkey bars and had knee surgery at the age of 11. The boy fell this summer at camp and broke his elbow. Damn motorcycles, no wait...
SHit happens, be prepared mentally and physically.
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