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Took my KLR in to get the throttle cable replaced under warranty. They had to pull my saddle bags. I should have checked how they tighted the nobs on my HT pannier holding a Pelican 1430. The case fell off at 1 am coming back from visiting my gf at her college. I was doing 60. Heard a noise(through plugs) and the bike leaned left all of the sudden.

I had to turn around and go back, it was laying in the middle of the road. The guy behind me didn't honk or flash, but fortunately he also didn't hit it. I saw a guy coming and he narrowly avoided it as well.

I was double checking my camera was in my top case leaving a sweet fly fishing hole after dropping my oakleys into a rushing creek. A bit flustered and sad when I mounted my idling bike my big doofy clown foot hit the shifter into first. The bike launched forward off the stand as it stalled and dropped the bike.
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