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OP here. i have 4 kids that range in age from early teens to early 20's. Outdoor adventure and motorcycles are part of our family culture. I've been blessed in that the kids enjoy doing things with family. One of my biggest enjoyments is doing adventure with them and the on going discussions about various types of adventure.

They all ride dirt bikes. And, two of them have their own dirt oriented dual sport bikes, which they have full responsibility for and maintain themselves. We've had some great adventures together and they seem to show good judgment. So, they've already been exposed to riding street, but that street is up in the mountains and typically linking trails kind of thing. The oldest has actually been on a couple of street adventures with me along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We borrowed a street bike for him from a friend. The first time, we trailered up to the parkway, so he could avoid riding through crowded areas. He did love it and talks about getting his own streetbike one day. But, young work life and other types of adventures seem to keep him busy, so he hasn't really pursued the street bike.

I'm OK and have accepted the street risks of dirt oriented dual sporting and the influences of a family culture in that direction. It's the full on street side that gives me an uneasy feeling in the bottom of my stomach at times. If I give up the street bike, that space will be filled with something. IE - more dual sporting, or we've even been discussing getting a cheap project sports car to have some fun with. My teen son likes to rebuild various vehicles. We have a vintage stand up jet ski that the two boys bought to restore as another example. Something fun will take it's place.

Yes, I know that they will make their own decisions. But, I also know that the family culture that we as parents create, also significantly influences the things they spend their time on and will possibly influence their decisions for a lifetime.

Just trying to gather input, hear others' point of view, make a decision and move on. Thanks for further thoughts.

Dual Sporting in Colorado with my sons:

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