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I've been through this, sort of...

Originally Posted by mikem9 View Post
Does anyone who rides street have any concerns about influencing your kids in that direction? I ride both dirt and street. And, my kids have grown up riding dirt. I go back and forth on this issue.

I had not ridden since my early 20's (before I got married) After my youngest finished high school, I thought I could get a bike and ride again, which I did.

My middle son decided he wanted to have a MC as well. I told him I would not buy him a MC, cause they are very dangerous. He told me I was a hypocrit, I said yea, but MC really is dangerous, and since I have one I would know.

I then pointed out he was over 21 years old, and that he was pretty much financially independent. He took the hint and bought his bike with his own money. What could I say? Ride safe son. I gave him some gloves and a helmet and some other stuff like that.
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