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Alpinestars Tech series with All Terrain Soles ( mine are older Tech 4, but similar to newer Tech 3). For rough, rocky off road I like these. They're a lighter motocross style all purpose riding boot. I clean and spray the stitching with sealant when I can. Good protection, not too stiff and have lasted 5 years in my rotation. I can wear them all day long with minimal walking, short hiking required.

Sidi On Road Gortex for light off road terrain combined with foot touring. These boots are incredibly comfortable. They're thick leather with extra layered/ padded ankle and shin support. These have a strong shank along with a great thick boot sole with the right deep tread. I've used Alpinestars waterproofing boot polish and they keep dry and warm to the high 30's with a single layer riding sock.

Alpinestars Octane Supermoto style ankle boots. These are my commuting, canyon carving and light fireroading boots. Velcro shorty tabs and an inner zip allow super quick and easy access ( major feature). These are extremely easy to fit under a jean. And they stay under cover when running errands or stopping off at the tavern on the route back from the canyons. Their treated leather to handle road grime, soot or oil build up and clean up easy. The inner soles wear quickly and a gel replacement goes a long way here. Alpinestars makes a nice light desert hiker adventure boot that's popular with the Southern Hemi adventure crowd.

All of the Sidi boot line is top notch. Their boots set the bar and you can't go wrong with any of their products.

Ankles are precious here. Also even more delicate are knee caps. I buy riding jeans with CE knee pad inserts, and have other jeans stitched with pockets to fit the CE pads. An ankle can repair itself... A knee cap cannot.

A best piece of advice I adhere to off this sight is to pack good light weight comfortable hiking shoes on long adventure rides if worst case after a breakdown... you have to hoof it back to civilization.

Just more fast food for thought...
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