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Originally Posted by devo2002 View Post
What decisions are you referring to? Deciding to white-line or zip through traffic at 100mph? Drive drunk? Or just decide what they want to be when they grow up or how to break up with a girlfriend in person instead of a text? I argue there are plenty of rational, responsible teenagers out there, are you seriously arguing there aren't? You don't need to be an adult to be aware of your actions having serious consequences, I really don't think it takes car insurance or brain surgeons to see this.

I'm yet to see a study showing teenagers are incapable of riding a motorcycle safely. Plenty have lived, it isn't all luck.
Yeah, statistically they're more likely to do all of those risky things than adults, and also speed and not wear seatbelts because studies show that they're satisfying the reward center of their brain while the underdeveloped prefrontal cortex is not able to register the risk as well until it fully develops in the early 20s, like I've been trying to tell you.
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