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The Kids are Alright

The Kids are Alright

I see this as another opportunity for you with your kids. Share with them what you know and maybe take a Track School with them or something. Work on those street skills together.

My daughter is almost 8 and I take her around in the neighborhood. I just bought a belt with handles so she has a good place to hang on. I want her to have fun, not be scared. If she ever shows an interest in riding, I will help her learn and try to make things as safe as possible through education, practice and safety equipment.

I think it is also important to teach that safety equipment is no replacement for doing things correctly. It is a last resort.

I think would do the same with any sport (soccer, football, dirt riding, bicycles...)

Plus, talking with your kids they sometime surprise you with what they have decided they want to do. Maybe they want to get a classic car or the Porsche thing trips their trigger. You never know until you ask. It might just be that they would rather do a big hunting trip to Montana or Canada instead of more street riding.
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