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A couple notes on needing to "learn to ride".

It's not just about using the controls in an everyday manner.

A "basic" riding class has to go over how to operate the bike, because beginners need to know that- and then should coach everyone to some standard of skill... which most of them will promptly lose through lack of use. This may be the factor behind dirt riders being less involved on the street- they know how to ride a bike aggressively if they need to.

Note that, skills-wise, after a few months most self-taught street riders and most trained street riders are about the same; the first group learns as they go to a certain minimum level, the second learn to ride better than that in class, but don't practice so they lose it.

But there's also supposed to be stuff on risk management which IMO is the really the important stuff. I don't tell my boys not to ride fast. I tell them not to ride fast where it's stupid to ride fast. It's a subtle but critical difference.
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