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Originally Posted by devo2002 View Post
This started when you pounced on my by saying

"So we're excluding all young adults. I mean, there have been studies on this stuff. Young adults have less than half a brain that is all ego, and extremely stupid decision making skills."

Now you are saying statistically they are MORE LIKELY to be at risk, this contradicts they have "extremely stupid decision making skills" as a whole.

Which is it, jeesh man...
Holy shit. No, I am not contradicting myself. I'm saying almost EXACTLY the same thing only maybe using kinder language. They do have stupider decision making skills than adults as a whole, statistically speaking, making them more likely to be at risk.

There is some hyperbole in there. Change it to excluding many young adults, not all, but many, and for the sake of this discussion it can sometimes be hard to tell which ones until they've driven into a bridge abutment or something.

Sorry if you're a young adult and I offended you, I didn't mean it that way, but we've been arguing for pages about whether kids are more likely to do stupid stuff.
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