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Eh? burn baby, burn

Originally Posted by FakeName View Post
Just switched from Tech8 to Sidi Crossfire, and will never return.

For off road: Sidi Crossfire.

For touring: Sidi Crossfire.
+1, best boots I've ever worn.

The only time I've had an issue with them was riding outside of Moab last July. Riding around the White Rim Trail one day, where there is absolutely no shade for about 100 miles, I poached both my legs from the shin down. It was close to 110 degF, and my sweat soaked the boots from the inside. That, combined with the direct sunlight on my boots all day long, gave me 2nd degree burn blisters all over my lower legs.

Really strange. Never thought that could happen, but it did. I can't blame the boots for that happening though. Sidi Crossfire are what I wear when dirt riding or dualsport touring.
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