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Unadilla moto 2 wrapup!

With all these life events going on I never completed the Unadilla Moto 2 results. So let's see if we can finish that up before moving on.

We last left off at the end on Moto 2 - lap 1, with that big blue IT490 doing it's best to chase down that pesky Maico.

Lets pick up the action with some more photos by

Here we are once again rounding turn 1 for the start of lap 2. Maico guy in 2nd place leads me through,

Out of the Gravity Cavity I am doing my best to close down the gap!

You can see 4th and 5th place are not far behind and have not given up!

Finally, I have pulled back up to Maico guy and cant help to admire those fancy Ohlins piggy back shocks he has back there.

This time through I follow Ake's advice and choose a alternate line rather than "follow the leader" so as not to run into anybody.

I really though I had him here as I cut to the inside but he still beat me to the next corner.

I tried to pass again in the back section but nearly got bucked off through some whoop-de-doos. This allowed Maico man to pull a nice gap on me as seen in next photo... rats!

I should have stiffened the rear suspension between motos. I had a nice lunch instead.

Although it was looking bad, I was still not done. Two more turns and we where into the "Sky Shot" section. I caught him again and out braked him on the following down hill where I then block passed him in the corner.

This next one is not a great shot but it is the first one where I am leading him!

Starting the final lap, roles are reversed and it is Maico man that gives chase!

Now, here we are dropping into the caviity!

And out for the final time!

We are flying ever higher and I remember thinking "what the heck am I doing???".

You can really see the IT suspension really compress here. Throttle is WFO!

Even though all looks OK here, I am worried about next few sections after almost being bucked off on previous lap!
How about those grooves?

Sure enough, I slow down too much and crafty Maico guys repasses me for 2nd place!!!
Same place as where I had problems before and with only 1/4 lap to go!

This shot shows the 1st place rider as he comes through for the win on a '79 YZ400. No catching him!

Meanwhile I try to close the gap to 2nd but am quickly running out of time!

Still trying, still trying....

But too late!

Out pops the checkered flag, you can see Maico man just ahead. It was a good dice we had going and announcers gave us plenty of air time.

And right after this photo was snapped he turned and gave me a very hearty wave... a great display of sportsmanship!

So he got 2-2 for 2nd overall and I got 3-3 for 3rd overall. And yes, this result far exceeded my expectations!

More to come...
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