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Juan... that is a massively important point about the EFI...and the voltage needed to start vehicles now days. It is the same with many vehicles like UTVs and ATVs and those have CVT (constant variable transmisions) so you can't even bump start them anymore... It's getting to the point where you might have to carry and extra battery.

I also think they don't put big enough batteries in most bikes anymore to show they weigh less.... like the new KTMs have the YTX5s and they go bad right when you bring the bike out the door, and give the Adventures a YTZ10 size battery is silly... its and Adventure bike is should have a ton of amp hours for being out in the middle of nowhere... anyway I'm rambling..
I have a bmw g650x and they've had lots of starting problems. At one point in the UK there was a recall to replace the exide battery with a yuasa battery because the yuasa has slightly higher CCA. Yeah good work BMW, that's a permanent fix!
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