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a while ago i was changing the oil on the moto. when i was done draining it my girlfriend called me in for dinner so i just hand tightened the drainage bold. after dinner and a few glasses of wine i decided to finish the oil change since i needed to bike the next morning to go to an interview.
next morning i came out to the bike on top of a big puddle of oil. i had left the old oil in a open container next to the bike so could not reuse that.

well i took my bicycle and was 45 minutes late to the interview not sure if they believed me but i for sure know i did not got the job
I forgot that one. I just did that like a month ago, rode on the freeway like 5 miles, at a light at an exit I happen to look down and it just lets loose

So I push it ro the side to look and see if I just threw a rod or something and a guy a lane over honks and points at the plug in the middle of the road, Right as an 18 wheeler drives over it.

I didn't even go to the interview.
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Oh for ***k's sake Aaron. Please link us to my fascist, racist or homophobic posts.
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