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Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
So I just spent like an hour sitting at Del Taco reading about all of the dumb crap you stupid morons do. You are all idiots and should be ashamed.

My Local Del Taco is really nice, it was *just* remodled like two days ago, has free wifi, it's one of my favorite places to just go grab a bite and chill out.

So anyway, feeiling pretty smug about how much smarter I am than all you idiots, I put my computer away, put on my balaclava and jacket. Don my helmet....

BOOM! Crash tinckle tinkle tinkle as I get showered in glass from the brand new hanging light fixture that I just shattered with my head.

And then all the employees ask me if I'm al right No I'm not alright OBVIOUSLY!

I probably should sue them for scratching my helmet and scaring me with their dangerous new light though

Dang, I like Del Taco, too bad I can never go back there.
That's funny.

I mean, the helmet thing is a nifty little story and all, but someone liking Del Taco, and willingly hanging out there, that's funny.

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