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St George, Utah

I head down the hill towards St. George.

I made it all the way to town without the low fuel warning, so now I'm kicking myself for not riding out to the tip of Twin Point.

At first an internet search revealed no KTM dealers. That's because its actually in the nearby suburb of Washington, UT.
After an excruciatingly long death-stare into the computer screen (at least 8-10 minutes) the guy at
the parts counter confirmed what I already knew, No KTM dealer EVER stocks the part you need.

Plan B: Surely all that needs to be done is to weld the broken tube shut and I'll be back in business.
At the welding shop I get a crash course in metallurgy and how the petcock is pot metal. They said they couldn't weld it.
Luckily one of the welders, a young guy with a full beard named Mac, rode dirt bikes and told the boss how he could fix me up.
At first I was reluctant to go with his idea of making a new part and considered trying the JB Weld route.
Mac cleaned and wire-brushed the broken part for me and I was about to leave when he convinced me to let him make the part.

The Broken OEM Part


The New Part

Throughout all of the repairs I kept an eye on the clock with the intention of making it back out to Kelly Point by sunset.
After the part was made Mac and I made multiple attempts to align and seal the gas in with different o-rings, with no success.
I left the welding shop with a new part, but no way to seal the gas in. It was almost 2 PM when I picked up a tube of gasket maker.
Even if I left town now, I would have a hard time making it all the way out to a point before dark.
Making a gasket was not a job I wanted to rush so I ended up checking into the La Quinta hotel for the night.

It was nice to have a shower after working on the bike in the heat wearing waterproof pants. Yuck!

I had some dinner while I let the new gasket dry.


I then rode around town looking for groceries and taking in the sights.
The most prominent part of the skyline was the St. George Temple.

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